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Project Management

  • Slaymaker Systems delivers carefully designed, clearly implemented, well tested systems. Our project management techniques uses several key techniques to maximize the predictability and stability of projects. We combine best practices from a number of methodologies to build a management and tracking structure appropriate to each client and project.

  • Planning. Whether it's building the team, designing the project plan, or communicating the status, Slaymaker Systems focuses on planning to the proper level of detail and identifying areas of risk or knowledge that needs to be refined.

  • Adaptability. No two clients or projects are exactly alike. We build and adjust project plans using a variety of agile and classical methods.

  • Risk Management. Research and development contains an element of risk. We identify risks and prioritize research and development in order to evaluate and minimize the impact of technical and managerial risks.

  • Tracking. We track projects using a real time effort and status tracking systems. We deliver clear, concise status reports on a regular basis and as needed.

  • Communications. We gather a lot of information and we deliver even more. Clearly and carefully. We customize our communications to the needs of both you (the client) and your project.

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