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User Interfaces

  • Slaymaker Systems works with human interface design experts to design, build and test user interfaces that make interacting with complex, changing data simple for the user. We build interfaces with a variety of mechanical and electronic systems in addition to implementing classic embedded or desktop "GUI" applications.

  • For instance, embedded devices often need physical interaction beyond the screen using including touch sensors, custom LCDs, aural signaling, electromechanical controls (buttons, knobs, etc).

  • Whether we're implementing an entire product or offloading an existing team by handling the user interface for them, we focus on the user interface as a well defined subsystem that interacts with both the user and the rest of the devices.

  • We build user interfaces that exist in the palm of your hand and interfaces that are distributed throughout an enterprise and allow multiple users to interact with real time data streams and each other. Our interfaces clearly present complex data that changes in real time.

  • We are experts in managing the data interlock, updating and presentation issues that come with custom interface components, real time and safety-critical data that often.

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